News of the Church 09 – 12 February 2024

News of the Church 09 – 12 February 2024

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Welcome to the 9th edition of News of the Church.

It’s 12 February 2024 and it is a Monday, the the day after Quinquagesima Sunday and two days before Ash Wednesday. Some time ago, I saw a movie called News of the World in which after the Civil War a former confederate officer eeks out a living wandering from town to town reading to people articles from newspapers he has gathered. People who pay a dime a head which figures to about $2.50. In those days news was scare and many couldn’t read at all, so there was great interest and emotion over the news of the world he brought. The idea of this travelling gazeteer caught my imagination and here I am. The word Gazette came into English through French but it’s origin is Italian, gazzetta, which is the name of the Venetian coin which paid for the first first Venetian newspapers in the 16th century. Here is today’s audio “gazette” of Catholic things.

00:12 Init 01:28 Men’s Club 05:19 St. Agnes, virgin and martyr 13:00 Card. Richelieu 21:10 Swiss Guard 27:26 Exit

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